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About Us


Welcome to CAMLO.ca, a global leader in Financial Services Executive search and Regulatory Advisory.

Our History

Established in Jan 2014 our team saw a demand in the market for advisors with direct industry experience.

We have put together a team consisting of Chief Governance, Data, Operational, Risk and Compliance Officers out of some the largest financial institutions in the world.

With offices in NY, Toronto, San Francisco, London and Singapore we are well positioned to help companies around the world manage complex risks and meet their greatest regulatory challenges.

Our model is quite different to what large accounting or law firms can offer – with genuine industry experience leading and supporting all engagements…our team have done it before.

We provide thought leadership with a holistic view and work with clients to develop and implement the best solution for the challenges they are facing.

 Delivering Value…not reports

We believe clients deserve value from their consultants, this why we have focused on putting together a team with direct industry experience. We are not lifelong consultants, we are simply professionals who have lived through the pain of implementing the Strategies, viewing PowerPoint’s and Reports provided by the larger “Advisory” firms.

We are a boutique firm providing clients with a global collaboration model of expertise all with a minimum of 10 years of experience within their discipline. We guarantee we will not fill spots with unaccredited experience…our consultants will not have to be trained by you, our clients…isn’t that our job?