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Since our inception in Jan 2014, CAMLO has been experiencing tremendous growth globally. We are always interested in speaking with individuals with strong Regulatory Compliance experience including; Legal, Fraud, Sanctions and AML, CTF subject matter expertise or operational leadership expertise. If you have deep industry experience and an interest in the advisory business contact us today.

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Making a decision on what you want to do in the future can often be difficult. You need to decide where you want to take your career, what the options available are, and how you can make an informed decision on the right career path for you.

What makes the perfect job? It is a combination of what you enjoy doing, are motivated by, are good at and are interested in.

Before you can start to explore the areas that are right for you, you need to start to focus on yourself and build a picture of your motivators and interests. You need to consider what your strengths and weaknesses are? What do you enjoy or not enjoy? What motivates you in the workplace?

There are thousands of "career coaches" available in the market, thats not what we do...we are STRATEGIST".

Capitalizing on 30 years of recruitment, we'll help you build a plan, identify targets and how to best approach potential clients. We will work with you and together we’ll focus on your success by getting you concentrated on where, what and when.


Because, when our candidates succeed so do our clients. Contact us for further details.

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