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Digital Currency

Many digital currency companies are start-ups and we are sensitive to, and understand, the particular environment that digital currency companies, particularly exchanges and payment processors, operate within. Whether your company is seed-stage, start-up stage, or more established, we work closely with you in crafting an AML compliance program that is tailored to your needs while maintaining the highest regulatory standards.

 CAMLO.ca has partnered with NCFPS, a California-based Digital Currency consultancy, to bring to our clients an impressive array of services. While CAMLO.ca still serves as the premier choice for AML and sanctions-related regulatory compliance services, our affiliation with NCFPS will allow CAMLO.ca to draw on the knowledge of NCFPS to provide Private Equity, Venture Capitalists and digital currency start ups with legal and regulatory oversight.

Seed Funding

We are interested in the digital currency market and look to partner with entrepreneurs who are seeking up to $1M in initial seed funding. With our PE and VC relationships we also we also provide access to capital. Investment size ranges from $1M to $10M, and our typical investment is in the $3M to $5M range.