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Due Diligence

CAMLO.ca provides specialized compliance program due diligence services for companies evaluating a potential merger, acquisition, investment or joint venture.

There is an intrinsic value that can be placed on a targets compliance program.

The objective of this due diligence is to define the compliance risk profile of the target or partner and uncover any “red flags,” including any past or ongoing violations.

When a compliance due diligence is conducted before a transaction is consummated, AML/CTF and Sanction risks or possible successor liability can be adjusted for in the valuation, deal structure, transaction documents or subsequent due diligence process. In addition, robust compliance due diligence conducted before a corporate transaction is completed greatly facilitates the integration of the target into the acquiring company’s AML/CTF and Sanctions compliance programs.

Services include:

Program review customized to meet the specific nature of the situation and due diligence target

Define the target’s compliance risk profile

Uncover any “red flags,” including any past or ongoing violations of AML/CTF and Sanctions laws and standards

Aid in eliminating the inherent risks and potential costs associated with the integration.