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Camlo.ca is an online community of Governance, Risk and Compliance advisory professionals.  The platform offers members the opportunity to network and engage directly with one another on engagements and for industry leaders to source and identify expertise for their mandates.  The site has a simple design to collaborate within three clearly defined areas:

1.     Engagement Hub for showcasing expertise, and connecting with organizations,
2.     Innovation Hub for collaborating on the latest technologies and solutions,
3.     Knowledge Hub for education, webinars and sourcing mandates.

Our members are comprised of professionals, independent consultants and organizations who leverage this platform to collaborate on mutual interests and prospects.   The advantage for our members is all about access.  Access to the member network, access to opportunities, access to expertise, and access to relevant market information.    Members can post articles, links to webinars, training materials and increase their visibility to financial institutions around the world. 

Our business model is based on membership for this access by monthly or annual subscription, that’s it.  No recruitment fees or margins. 


$100/mth or $780/yr

Showcase your expertise

Connect with Industry Leadership



$200/mth or $2000/yr

Source Expertise

Post Mandates

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